Puppetry Resources

Sheldon studying a puppetry book

There are so many books and web sites that focus on different aspects of puppetry that I could never list them all.  What I have collected below are ones that I've personally found useful or interesting, and I hope that you will, too.

Web Sites

  • Sagecraft's 'The Puppetry Homepage' - You'll find links to a ton of other puppetry resources on this website.

  • The Center for Puppetry Arts - A permanent puppet theater right here in Atlanta.  Be sure to check it out if you have any kind of interest in puppetry.

  • The Atlanta Puppetry Guild - Atlanta's local association of puppeteers and puppet enthusiasts.

  • The Puppeteers of America - A national puppetry organization that is also the parent organization of the Atlanta Puppetry Guild.

  • Axtell Expressions - Need your own puppets?  This is the place to go if you want to buy high-quality professional puppet characters.

  • Animal Makers - Need your own high-end puppets?  Check this group out for TV and movie-quality realistic animal puppets.

Mailing Lists / Forums

  • Puppet Post - A mailing list dedicated to puppetry and related topics.

  • Puptcrit - A mailing list dedicated to puppetry and related topics. List now retired, but archives still available

  • Puppets and Stuff - A Community on the Web for Puppeteers.


  • Making Puppets Come Alive: Larry Engler and Carol Fijan (1973)

  • The Complete Book of Puppetry: George Latshaw (1978)

  • The Foam Book: Drew Allison and Donald Devet (1997)

  • Puppets and Puppet Theatre: David Currell (1999)