Contact Kevin Pittman and his Forest Friends

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If you would like to book me as an entertainer at your big event, this form is the place to start. The questions below will provide me with the key information that I need to be able to give you an initial quote for my services. If you are satisfied with this quote, then I will forward a contract to you that must be signed and returned to me before I can give you a final confirmation.

Before placing a request, please review my standard booking policies to make sure they are acceptable to you. If you have any questions about my policies, please include them with your booking request.

Whenever possible, I will try to respond to requests within one week. To avoid any unnecessary delays, please read over the form carefully and make sure you fill in all applicable fields.

If you just have a question or comment about my work, then all you need to do is fill in your name and email address, and put your question in the Additional Details / Special Request / Questions field at the very bottom of the form. All other fields you can be left blank.

Important Availability Notices

  • I perform on a part-time basis, so I am only available on weekends.

  • I no longer perform for birthday parties in residential venues, but am more than happy to perform for birthday parties or any other kind of activity / event in most any other setting or venue, including libraries, theaters, museums, day cares, churches, community centers, etc. I am particularly interested in opportunities to perform at community festivals and charitable fund-raiser events.

  • I am based in Marietta, Georgia, and my normal geographic range covers most places within 25 miles of Marietta that are north of I-20. Some cities on the edge of my range include Douglasville, Dallas, Cartersville, Canton, Alpharetta, and Duluth. I will consider locations outside this range, but an additional travel fee will be added to any out-of-range performance.

  • For a schedule of my upcoming performances, please see my Schedule Page.

Contact Preference:

Note: If you request phone contact, then I will normally call you back on a weekday evening between 7 PM and 9 PM.  If you would prefer a different time, then please indicate your preferred time beside your phone number above, but be aware that it is usually going to be difficult for me to make calls during weekday daytime hours.

Requested Entertainment Services (Mark any combination):