Performance Booking Policies

The following terms are defined as indicated for the purposes of interpreting these policies and any performance contract that includes these policies:
  • The Performer - Kevin Pittman, owner of Kevin Pittman and his Forest Friends
  • The Scheduling Party - An individual or an appointed representative of an organization who seeks to hire the performer to provide entertainment services at an event under the direction of said individual or organization
  • Entertainment Offering - Any of the entertainment services (puppet shows, workshops, character appearances, etc.) listed on the performer's official website, or any additional form of entertainment mutually agreed to by both the performer and the scheduling party
Duties of the Performer:
To the best of his ability, the performer agrees to:
  • Provide the entertainment offerings agreed to in the performance contract.  If any substitutions have to be made due to unforeseen circumstances, the performer will notify the scheduling party as early as possisble to make sure that the scheduling party agrees to those substitutions.
  • Arrive on time and setup in a quiet and organized manner.
  • Break down and clear out any equipment in a timely fashion and leave behind only smiles and pleasant memories.
  • Be polite, courteous, friendly, and reasonably accommodating of minor last-minute requests.
Duties of the Scheduling Party:
To the best of his/her ability, the scheduling party agrees to:
  • Provide the performer with clear instructions on where to park, how to enter the venue, and whom to contact upon arrival at the venue.
  • Provide the performer with parking as close to the performance area as possible (unless other arrangements are agreed to in advance).
  • For a staged puppet show, have the performance space as described in the performance contract available for setup of equipment a minimum of one hour prior to performance (unless other arrangements are agreed to in advance).  For a performance in an indoor space, a clear pathway from the parking area to the space should be provided to minimize potential safety hazards for the performer or others in the vicinity (the performer will have to bring in several large travel containers).
  • For a costumed character appearance, provide a private space (one not visible or accessible to event guests) for use by the performer as a dressing room.  This dressing room should always be accessible to the performer throughout the time period of the character appearance (i.e. the path to the dressing room should not have locked doors, or the performer should be given any needed keys, access codes, etc.)  It is acceptable for the dressing room to be used by other performers or event staff so long as such use does not impede the performer's ability to properly change in and out of costume and safely enter and leave the room.
  • For performances in private homes and other indoor venues, the performer loves animals of all kinds, but for the safety of the audience, the performer, and your pets, please confine or restrain (leash) all free-roaming pets during the performance so that they cannot accidentally interfere with the show.
Outdoor Performances / Inclement Weather:
Please be aware that outdoor performances are always contingent on reasonable weather conditions.  In the event of significant precipitation, strong winds, lightning, or other weather conditions that would present a safety hazard, the performer offers the option moving the performance to an indoor location or rescheduling it to a mutually agreeable date and time.  If severe weather prevents the performer from traveling to the performance location, then he will make every reasonable attempt to contact the scheduling party to make them aware of the situation, offering the option to reschedule or cancel this contract as outlined below.
Recording Policy:
All performances are fully protected by copyright law and no portion of any show may be recorded.  Photography after shows and of character appearances is allowable for personal enjoyment only.  No pictures taken of the performer or the performer's characters or staging may be published without written permission, except for guests and staff posting to their personal websites or staff posting as part of a collection of pictures from that specific event on the scheduling party's organization website.  When and where practical, the scheduling party agrees to take reasonable measures to discourage the use of recording devices during any show performance.
Pro Bono Performance Policy:
The performer at his discretion may offer to do selected performances at no charge when they benefit and/or are organized by a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.  Such qualified organizations are welcome to make requests for the performer's services, but should bear in mind that the performer can only do a limited amount of pro bono work per year.
Payment Policy:
Payment is due on the day of the performance.  Either cash or check will be acceptable, and checks should be made out to 'Kevin Pittman'.  Please note that should a check be returned for insufficient funds, the scheduling party will be placed on a 'cash-only' basis from that point onward.
Liability Insurance:
The performer maintains a standard Commercial General Liability insurance policy through a licensed insurance company.  The performer is aware that some venue managers will ask performers and vendors who work in their venues to obtain a customized Certificate of Insurance (COI) naming the venue as an 'Additional Insured' and sometimes also granting a 'Waiver of Subrogation'.  Both the performer and his insurance company discourage venues from asking for such documents, and as such the performer maintains the following operational policy regarding them:
  • The performer is more than happy to provide proof of his insurance policy by way of a copy of his standard COI, but will not request or provide customized COIs that name anyone as an 'Additional Insured' or waive subrogation.  If this is not acceptable to you, then the performer politely invites you to look elsewhere for entertainment for your event.
Cancellation Policy for the Performer:
The performer will make every effort to appear as scheduled.  If this becomes impossible due to an unforeseen circumstance, then he offers you one of the following options:
  • Rescheduling the performance at another date and time acceptable to both parties
  • Canceling the performance contract without penalty, in which case no fee of any kind will be due and any deposit previously submitted by the scheduling party will be returned in full.

If the scheduling party chooses to cancel the performance contract, the performer as a courtesy offers to attempt to locate an alternate performer who is available at the originally requested date and time.  The scheduling party will have to contract separately with any such alternate performer, who will be an independent contractor who does not in any way represent the performer or the performer's business.  Any use of an alternate performer is a private and separate arrangement between the scheduling party and the alternate performer, and the scheduling party accepts all risks and liabilities in contracting with the alternate performer.

In the event of a cancellation by the performer, the performer shall not under any circumstances be liable for anything more than the total of any deposit previously paid by the scheduling party.

Cancellation Policy for the Scheduling Party:
Should you need to cancel this performance, you must contact the performer at least three business days (Monday through Friday, excluding official state of Georgia and federal holidays) before the day of the performance, in which case this contract will be terminated and a deposit, if previously submitted, will be returned in full.  Failure to notify the performer within the aforementioned time period may result in forfeiture of any previously submitted deposit, at the discretion of the performer.
Updates to These Policies
From time to time, it may be necessary for the performer to update these performance policies.  To facilitate such updates in a fair and timely manner, the set of policies in effect at the time that a contract is written will be attached to that contract and referenced within the contract by a version code.  The attached and referenced version of these policies will be the only version binding upon the scheduling party for a particular contract.  However, the most current version of these policies will be applicable to any new contract(s) entered into by the scheduling party.  The most current version of these policies can always be found posted to the performer's official website, located at